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Steven Zhang Talks Business in London


Today Steven Zhang was a guest at the FT Business of Football Summit. The event was organized in London by the Financial Times.

Zhang started his talks with a comment about the current situation in Serie A. The Inter President stated that the world of Football has a great responsibility to display responsibility and positivity. He repeated what he had previously posted on his Instagram story in a more elegant term; he is displeased with how the Juve – Inter match was handled.

The President then moved on to more financially related arguments. These include the business of Suning which in the past years started serving its customers online rather than offline. He also praised the work of Inter Media House. It is responsible for creating content related to the Club including the welcome videos used to announce transfers.

This media expansion has helped the Club increase revenue and therefore respect FFP rules. Subsequentially, signings such as Lukaku have been possible.

The new stadium was also matter of discussion, yet the president has not made any reveals. He just reassured the project is moving forward.

On other arguments he stated how important and relevant Women’s Football is becoming. Suning also owns a Women’s team in China and since their overtake, Inter has created their own. The Nerazzurre team started out from Serie B and immediately gained access to the top division where they occupy the 7th position.

The president also took the opportunity to discuss Brothers Universally United. The anti-racism campaign has been doing a good job of sensitizing the audience to racism in the stadiums.

Steven Zhang is the youngest president of any Serie A team. Yet he has shown to be just as professional and just as capable as other important presidents like Andrea Agnelli who also attended the summit.