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Spalletti’s Experiment blows up against Tornio


This week’s Serie A match saw Inter travel to face Torino. It would be an encounter that would shake up Inter’s season. Ultimately Inter had the chance to close the gap on 2nd place Napoli who drew 0-0 with Milan. Further this they also had the chance to widen the distance between themselves and 4th place with a win. But it seemed that Torino didn’t see the script before the match, taking all three points from the encounter.

Spalletti used this match to experiment, one which would blow up in his face. Moving away from his traditional 4-3-3 formation, and fielding a 3-5-2 formation. The pairing of Martinez and Icardi is one that Inter fans alike have been longing to see, but all the hype diminished very quickly as after 90 minutes not a goal could be scored by the visitors. Now the spotlight has never been so bright on if the Italian is the right man for the manager role.

Right before the match, Inter were hit with the news that their star winger Perisic was now for sale. As a result he did not partake any role in this match. Further this, the nomination of effectively a left and right back to play in the midfield seemed to have failed.

The Match

The match was not an easy match for either team, more of a match of attrition. It was an extremely physical and hard fought between both teams. Inter came out with an attacking mindset. Martinez came very close to giving the Inter a 1-0 lead when his close range shot went just wide of the post. Icardi also took his chances when he shot from outside of the box, forcing Sirigu to save the ball. After that it seemed to just go downhill for the visitors. Tornio where awarded a corner in the 35th minute which landed on Armando Izzo’s head, which was perfectly lobbed into the goals, leaving Handanovic shocked at the result.

The second half didn’t improve in the perspective of Inter. They looked lost whenever the ball was in the final third, like they didn’t know what to do. The lack of attempts would clearly be the defining factor on the day. Inter only managing 3 shots on target. The physicality of this match can be seen clearly in the statistics. 31 fouls, 7 yellow cards and 1 red can emphasise this.


The first time these two teams met this season would still be lingering in the minds of the inter players. Leading 2-0 then to draw 2-2 would be a kick to the morale of the team’s mentality. I was clear that Inter did not have the answers against Torino. Spalletti seemed to have messed everything up this match, losing his touch. This is becoming increasingly more evident between matches, with Inter lacking that scoring passion.

Inter now have 2 matches in quick succession, Lazio (Coppa Italia) and they host Bologna in the Serie A. Inter need to ensure that they leave the demons of the past in the past. It is imperative that the team bond together, and work for the same objective. Ultimately Inter will struggle for points as the season progresses if they don’t change their mentality.

Repeat fixture result: 2-2

Points benefit: -1 Point