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Spalletti: “We must keep working in the right manner.”


On the eve of our matchday 22 Serie A fixture against Bologna, Luciano Spalletti took part in his pre-match press conference at the Suning Training Centre in memory of Angelo Moratti:

“Obviously, there are some things to improve, however, the team remained in the match on Thursday right until the last second – up until the final spot-kick. Every match brings with it new information. It’s normal to analyse things that didn’t work too well but there are also other mechanisms that concern our usual technical and tactical preparations on out the pitch.

“We’re out of the Champions League and the Coppa Italia, which are two important competitions. However, we must keep working in the right manner and focus on what we want to build. Only by strengthening our structure can we be in a position to win titles.

The fans, rightly so, are in a rush to win titles but I can’t bear the burden of many years without success. It takes time to consolidate the positives that we’ve achieved and to improve things that haven’t worked out. I don’t see a lot of difference in what we’re doing and what we should’ve done.

“Marotta only thinks about the good of Inter and he knows how to do things. What was depicted in the media is not his way of working and what we read is an insult to his professionalism. At the start of the season, I signed a three-year contract and this is a sign that work is needed to help consolidate our development. It’s obvious that we must do more, but I think that the team is giving their all.

“It’s true that Lazio were better than us in the first half, although we pushed a lot after the interval and in extra-time. The lads are working and the group is trying to become increasingly solid, taking part in analysis and discussion to help complete our journey.”

As for Nainggolan and Perisic, Spalletti added:

“Radja can’t go full throttle in all of our training sessions, because for him to be in the right condition to play, his workload can’t be too strenuous. We are looking to help him grow so that we can reap the rewards of his talent.

“Ivan is available. He’s trained really well and if he shows me what I expect from him and what I know he can give, then I can pick him as I’ve always done. The transfer window is now closed and he must work hard because we need his physical strength and quality. I am convinced that he’ll give us a big hand, even starting from tomorrow if I decide to play him. He must respond to what we consider him being a strong player. We must stay strong and even our fans must remain united with us. We must remain solid to overcome our insecurities.

“The squad is more complete and stronger compared to last year, yet there have been certain situations that have prevented us from the getting the best out of ourselves. You only have to think about our misfortune with Vrsaljko. We must consolidate a structure that needs a bit of time to remain constantly at a certain level. However, I don’t think this means starting from scratch, this would be too excessive at this moment in time.”

Source: Inter.it