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Spalletti: “This victory will give us enthusiasm and strength.”


Inter kicked off with their first win of 2019 in the league with a close victory against Parma with Lautaro Martinez breaking the deadlock in the 79th minute.

“We have the potential to overcome our difficulties, although in some moments it seems that we’re weighed down by not winning and we drop below our usual standard,” said Luciano Spalletti “We simply have to show what we can do out on the pitch. We were well-organised tonight and it wasn’t easy because you can’t lose possession against Parma and find yourself out of position. Inglese always works the ball well and Gervinho is devastating when in space.”

The introduction of Lautaro in the second half proved to be an effective substitution for the team as Spalletti Added; “Lautaro has fighting spirit and he does really well when the ball comes to him. Both him and Icardi are our two main strikers. They are very similar and you need to find the right moment to play them. That can be when the opposition looks to press and we have the right peace of mind to support them.”

With Perisic’s rocky form as of late and the transfer rumours surrounding him, Spalletti was quick to address his performance whilst heaping praise on other individuals, “Perisic put in a great performance. He reacted like a great player in response to the noise surrounding him. Nainggolan also demonstrated that he’s on the right path. He showed some quick bursts, and this is something we haven’t seen for a little while. This forced Parma to keep on playing long balls, with De Vrij and Skriniar who are like two lions, being able to deal with every situation perfectly. However, we got it wrong up front too many times and threatened them less than we could have done.”

“Through my family and my career, I’m well suited to overcoming difficulties,” he concluded. “Just as the defeat against Bologna caused despair, this victory will give us enthusiasm and strength. We must now keep a low profile to rediscover stability. We showed positive things tonight, but we need to produce further performances like this to gain consistency.”

Inter sit third in the league with 43 points heading into the next fixture.

Source: Inter.it