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Spalletti press conference: “Miranda? Voices weaken Inter – Skriniar not for sale.”

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At the end of the traditional tour of interviews with the televisions, Luciano Spalletti arrived in the press room of San Siro to comment on the victory against Benevento that qualified Inter to the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup:

When you prepare these kind of matches, without the public, what difficulties are there?

“There is the risk of lowering the level of quality we have and the individual level that allows you to be an Inter player, and this happens with the so-called affordable competitions or the more difficult ones: when you get to a certain level, the problem becomes mental, not athletic or physical, you have to be yourself in every game.”

What effect did the silent stadium have on you?

“A lot of people would like to see these matches, and there are plenty of penalized fans as a result of the incident. We do not want to play like that here, we have to find different solutions, we have not determined this situation.”

“The fact is, football suffers in this sense. If there was a stadium that silences the minority that wants to create problems, I think it would be difficult to stop the game: it would give strength to the majority. It’s an unpleasant situation: what do I tell my daughter who told me why she could not come to the stadium tonight?

How did you see Lautaro and Icardi together? Miranda told you he wants to leave? 

“Lautaro and Icardi can do better from a tactical point of view, we suffered their dribble because in the middle we were one less, they did well because they played correctly, they gave continuity from the point of view of maturation up to a certain point of the match.”

“As for Miranda, it’s always a problem what they (media) say, friendships inside Inter with outside people makes things come out. These things weaken Inter, if Miranda said he wants to leave, he did not with me, but to someone else. When I deployed him, Miranda does well. News and TV? Sometimes they want me to ‘change clothes’, I do not find myself in what they write.”

You have said that Inter must keep their big players, including Perisic.

“Today he has done well from the point of view of the match and team, he has other stuff in the engine.”

You recently said that Skriniar is worth 100 million euros, is the speech automatic for renewals?

“Other dynamics take over because then we need a balance with regard to the treatment of certain players, and nobody has the money to pay Skriniar, he stays here: it’s out of price for everyone.”

Source: FcInterNews