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Spalletti post match: “A serious Victory. Lautaro has great character”


Inter manager Luciano Spalletti spoke to cameras after his side captured a crucial three points against Sampdoria at the Meazza.

On Martinez:

“I do not change the evaluation of Lautaro because now I know him well and the companions know him. He has character, strength, then let’s not forget that he played two games in a few days.”

On Raja Nainggolan’s return to fitness:

“Tonight I’m happy with his performance because he has seen again those hot flashes that are slow to arrive tonight has re-proposed, so we say that – apart from a small blackout in the Vienna game – today he took another step forward “.

On Icardi at the Meazza:

“I am one who tries to do what we have decided to do: the words of Marotta complete my mood and my journey on this story.We are all on the wagon, the same: all the components of Inter are on the wagon. that said Marotta represents us. Tthere are no procedures that forbid anyone to live the same situations, all this necessarily means that we are on the same side and we expect it.

Could this spark a return normality in the locker room?

“There are more steps to take, it must come inside the locker room and live with the team the happiness of doing this job here, to stay in such a group, because it is a good group, within an emotion of being able to wear a glorious shirt like that of Inter.”

What response do you feel the team gave?

“First time with a little fear, of difficulty. Samp were good, they made us run in a hurry, it takes all the quality to create problems, but I repeat: being always surrounded by these speeches at Inter does not help. And I’ve gone through situations … Beautiful applause after 1-1 to make us feel and to get us going again. The public participated “.