Home Match Preview Spalletti: “Icardi will start against Genoa.”

Spalletti: “Icardi will start against Genoa.”


On the eve of the game against Genoa, Luciano Spalletti held a pre-match press conference in which he announced that Icardi will be called up and will start from the 1st minute.

“All the games are now important and with the defeat against Lazio, the points between the teams has shortened and now we have to win. Genoa is a good team and Prandelli is showing all the qualities of his team.”

“Icardi? He will be called up. Marotta was very decisive and he gave all the parties the opportunity to arrive at a real confrontation and now Icardi can help the team. If the mediator is asked to dictate conditions, then everything becomes complicated. Behind the scenes, there is a team, the supporters and a coach.”

“If Icardi is alone, he is worth nothing but if he is with the team, he is worth more than Messi and Ronaldo put together. He is training well and he put strength and determination in all the balls in the penalty area as he knows what to do. He now believes in the right way and can help the team.”

“We are all professionals who are paid by Inter and we must be on the side of Inter. I will stay on the side of Inter as long as I stay here, which means being on the side of society, the team and the fans. Not on the side of a single player.”

“Tomorrow Icardi will be in the starting 11. He has trained well, wants to be here and he has had the right reaction. Then I will judge if he is able to play the whole game or not.”

Source: Inter.it