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Spalletti: “Icardi is no longer captain, rejected call up.”


On the day of the Icardi saga, Luciano Spalletti is the protagonist of the pre-match press conference on the eve of the first leg of the UEFA Europa League round of 16 against Rapid Wien.

Is there an Italian team that would compare to Rapid Wien? 

“At the tactical level a lot, the 4-2-3-1 that they use is widespread in Italy, they are also very tidy on the pitch, the fact that they have not lost on their field clarifies the way they play their system. Rapid is a very careful team that knows very well what they want, what the goal to achieve is, a team that has character. Otherwise, they would not have won at Spartak Moscow’s home, a field that I know very well. They passed out of a very difficult group.”

Why Icardi’s armband removed? Explain his refusal to come to Vienna, a rather serious choice?

All the attention is directed on the field. In the coming days we will clarify through the words of the director who will express himself tomorrow, then the others will speak. For me it ends here.” 

Is Icardi not in Vienna because he was disappointed? 

He decided not to come, he was normally called up, he no longer has the armband and we explained to him the reasons why, as for the call it is a different story: he told us that he was not participating in this trip.” 

Is the embarrassment dictated by the behavior of Icardi or the words of the agent? 

(Avoids question) “I see you are interested in the game, I’m glad … The ball is round, the field is rectangular.”

“There’s a situation that needs addressing and I said it after Parma. What’s happened confirms that. If there’s anyone who’s thinking about anything other than the result tomorrow night, they’re wrong to do that.”

Spalletti continued on to state, “We’ve made a decision at an appropriate time and one that was well thought-out, although it was very painful. Things around him have distracted him and the team he captained. Now we have to focus all our attention on tomorrow’s game.”

Source: Sky Sports