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Spalletti: “Icardi has paid for what he had to pay.”


After the disappointing defeat on Sunday against Lazio, Inter responded in the best way possible thrashing Genoa 4-0. After the match, Spalletti held a press conference:

“The team put in a great performance and created the conditions to win the game as a mature squad. This gave us three fundamental points for our campaign. We dropped points on Sunday against Lazio and wasted a golden opportunity, but with this victory, we have fixed everything.”

Spalletti did not hold back from criticizing Icardi once again:

“Icardi needs to get into the game more and work with the team. If you give, you receive. If you build the play with only nine outfield players instead of ten, you have less chance of scoring. In any case, Icardi had a great game, with his usual character.”

“This is a difficult moment for all of the teams and the difference will be made by sharpness, being able to reorganise depending on circumstances. We lacked patience against Lazio as we were too frenetic and left ourselves open to the counter.”

“Brozovic? He commanded the midfield tonight and he must keep moving the ball.”

Source: Football Italia