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Spalletti: “Considering what happened lately, Icardi will not be called up.”


On the eve of an important game against Lazio, Luciano Spalletti held a pre-match press conference.

“National team injuries? It was hard to swallow because they had a good time. Post derby enthusiasm? There is too much euphoria which must be reduced to find the right balance. More complications are awaiting us.”

“Lazio? They are in good form and can put anyone in danger. They are able to pull out the defenders to attack the space that is created. It will be essential to pass short. They are a direct competitor for the champions league and are having a great season. The three points are important because they are competing with us.”

“Nainggolan and De Vrij? Nainggolan has to train with the team and find the right tempo, but he has been doing great and is called up. As for De Vrij, we have Ranocchia and Miranda who can step up.”

“Icardi? It was like having a new player because he was missing for a long time. He trained with us but we need to get him back into our training regime behaviour. Considering what happened lately, I maintain he is still not able to help his team mates. This is why he will not be called up.”

Spalletti finished off the Interview by answering if Inter are in the position he expected this season:

“I think so, yes. We might’ve gone through to the next round of the Champions League, or in other competitions, and some events were decisive in certain games, but overall I’d say that we’ve worked pretty well.”

Source: Inter.it