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Spalletti: “A strong Inter today – we deservedly won!”


The Nerazzurri coach Luciano Spalletti spoke to Sky Sports on his home success (1-0) obtained against Napoli. These are his words:

“I have seen a strong Inter tonight, from beginning to end, we deservedly won because we created many opportunities. Both teams were moving the ball with speed and deserved to win.”

On Lautaro: “He’s training well, he’s doing the job he has to do, he took over from Verona and could do more, he took the chance tonight and was ready to fight against a team like Napoli. However, it can be difficult to play with one less midfielder: they have quality players and they make the ball move well.”

On Nainggolan: “Inside the locker room at the beginning of the year there are regulations, and inside the locker room there is me. I have to enforce the rules, which are just as important as the ball, he was kept out only for this match: he got his fine, now he is back in the group and he trains, then we will see if he will be able to play in Empoli or not, he has behaviors that are not good. The choice to exclude him is a better punishment than a fine because the players have money, while keeping them still has a better effect.”

On the arrival of Nainggolan: “We all wanted it, we evaluated, there was an operation that involved certain players, and it seems to us that the profile can give us a hand in personality and character in the middle of the field. example: today we played a good game, both in possession and team compactness, but we did not have the personality to put the point on a situation. Every situation that happens in the field is a mission to be completed.”

On Joao Mario: “He knows how to play football, he knows the quality of the short dribble, he knows how to hold and jump the opponent physically and characteristically he always manages it as one that has quality. In a match like tonight, if we are not good at keeping the ball out, they show off their ball quality on the ground.”

On Perisic and Politano: “Ivan is a great player, he feels comforted if he is close to the side line. When he enters the field, he is more attentive to its characteristics: Ivan on the inactive balls is devastating in the defensive phase: he has an excellent jump and having a guy like him in this aspect makes you squeeze all the numbers a bit.”

On the changes: “Today we had the chance to replace in a fairly ‘clean’ way, in the sense that were the substitutions to be made. The characteristics that we wanted, with the flow of the game, were those there: fresh players like Lautaro and Keita they can give you more quality to the offensive department. “

Source: Sky Sports