Home Exclusive Skriniar: “We don’t have any problem with Icardi.”

Skriniar: “We don’t have any problem with Icardi.”

Milan Skriniar gave a few words on the Icardi situation.


The Slovenian center back Milan Skriniar commented on the Icardi situation on Sport.sk denying any problems between Inter’s former captain and his teammates.

‘ Situation? You should ask this to Icardi. We don’t have any problems with Icardi and he doesn’t have any issues with us. It’s up to him now to end this situation…’

A similar comment to Lautaro’s few weeks back when El Toro also said that it was up to Icardi to resolve his problems with the club. A situation that seems to bother the rest of Inter players as they have been missing their main goal scorer for 6 weeks.

Icardi is now back to training but will doubtfully make a return into the starting eleven as Martinez seems to be on a good run.

Source: Calciomercato