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Skriniar wants to leave Inter immediately!

Skriniar - Zhang
Skriniar - Zhang

Less than 24 hours left before the transfer window closes, Inter and PSG are yet to find an agreement on the amount to be paid for Skriniar.

PSG are willing to offer €10-12mil while Inter are staying firm at their asking price of €20. There are reports that Skriniar is so desperate to leave that he’s willing to cut his signing bonus in June, just so he can join PSG straight away.

In the last week, Skriniar has gone from hero to zero in the eyes of Interisti. We will no longer see cheers for the Slovak, as they will be turned into boos. The deception and sneakiness is too much for a fan to bear.

We thought providing Skriniar the captaincy would be enough. Especially for such a prestigious club like Inter, but we were wrong.

Inzaghi has called up Skriniar for the Atalanta game, so it will be interesting how he plays. Catch our preview for the Coppa Italia clash below.

Inter vs Atalanta Coppa Italia Preview – Lineups, Stats, and Predictions

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