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Skriniar sees red in Empoli defeat!

Empoli - Skriniar
Empoli - Skriniar

Inter were forced to play more than half of the match with 10 men as they were beaten 1-0 by Empoli at home.

A different week and another rollercoaster ride. Right now we are just riding highs and lows, with nothing in between. As Inter fans, it’s so difficult to show any sort of happiness, as we just get cut down a few days later.

After the superb victory over Milan less than a week ago, we are back to rock bottom. The high of winning our first trophy of the season then the lowest low of our sixth defeat in Serie A.

This isn’t even the most disappointing part of it. Our captain, who won’t even re-sign with us, cripples Inter in the 40th minute with a red card. The timing could not have been more perfect. Seriously, not even in movies are the plots this obvious.

The Skriniar saga needs to be sorted. If he leaves, then great we get some money. If he stays, then everyone deserves an apology for his behaviour today.

Let’s look further into the match itself.

Inconsistencies in many ways!

Some may question the referee in the situation but it’s the right decision. It’s reckless with a high foot like that. The annoying thing is in the last few weeks we’ve been on the opposite side and haven’t seen opposing players receive a second yellow.

So the inconsistencies of the referee’s is definitely something which needs to be addressed. There were two situations in the Verona match where the referee gave the benefit of the doubt to Verona players, but once the shoe is on the other foot we see Inter receive a red card in this Empoli match.

This doesn’t seem right to me. It’s another week where Inter is blatantly up against it through poor refereeing decisions.

The other inconsistency we’ve seen is our own team. In several matches this year, we just look to be underprepared. This match was a perfect example of that. Empoli looked so much better than us today and our midfield had no answers.

For the first 45 minutes, we hardly played Dimarco and Darmian down their wings. Why? Well our midfield was overpowered. The Empoli strikers and midfield tracked back and disarmed anything offensive we tried to create.

Inzaghi needs an answer to this, as it’s not the first time a small time has stuck it to us.

Where to next?

We get a few days rest and then back at it again against Cremonese. I just don’t know what to expect anymore. The club is in turmoil and it’s only a matter of time before we lose our top players. There is zero investment coming in so the future is bleak.

New ownership is needed ASAP for us to stand any chance.

Prediction: 1-1 draw with Cremonese

As always, Forza Inter!

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