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Skriniar says “No” to extending Inter contract!

Skriniar - Zhang
Skriniar - Zhang

A deal is yet to be struck with Inter and their captain Milan Skriniar, as there is still a gap between salary offered and salary wanted.

As Sky Italia reports, Skriniar has decided not to renew at this time. His agent, Robert Sistici, has insisted that now is not the right time for the Inter defender to think about his future. The door isn’t closed completely, but it’s a pretty clear sign that Skriniar will leave for free in June.

Marotta was interviewed just before the Supercoppa final and he had this to say about the discussions.

“We are in no hurry to reach the conclusion, let’s leave him alone. He must take his decision calmly as he is very professional. We harbour sincere optimism precisely because we know the man that Skriniar is.”

If the Slovak does decide that Inter is no longer the club for him, then personally it’s best if he leaves in January. The distraction for both the club and player will be too big for anyone to concentrate properly.

As much as we want to keep Skriniar, we know that life goes on. He would’ve made an extraordinary captain for years to come, but maybe he doesn’t love the club like we thought.

It’s heartbreaking when one of your favourite players leave, but unfortunately the fans have zero control in these situations. Obviously we blame management for the treatment last season, but Skriniar also needs to take some blame here too.

We move forward – Forza Inter!

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Source: Sky Italia