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Simone Inzaghi: “This is Football, Inter deserved more!”


Simone Inzaghi spoke to the press after a 2-1 loss against Milan.

A defeat that will leave us to discussing the scudetto race until the very end it seems. Simone Inzaghi shared his thoughts on the sidelines of the match with DAZN:

“I think this is football. A match dominated far and wide but we were unable to score the second goal. The 1-1 goal was there. We got nervous, we weren’t lucid. But we have to be now, as the same thing happened with Lazio I watched a one-way game for seventy minutes.

We conceded that strange goal, the boys got nervous. Probably there was a clear foul on Sanchez, there is regret. I saw a one-way derby unlike the first leg which was more open.”

What does this defeat have to teach you?

“That we lost a bit of clarity, there were restarts from one side to the other, it was a game of episodes and we weren’t good at addressing them. It’s a defeat that burns and hurts, but strong teams must be good at analyzing it.”

What was the locker room like after the match and what can you do to cheer up?

“It is normal for there to be disappointment. We all know how important the derby is. We lost it undeservedly but this is football and we must be good at analyzing it calmly and seeing where we were missing because objectively until the first goal we had conceded practically nothing. But that’s how football is, it’s a hard lesson that we need to have more wickedness and kill the games because for what we saw in the 70th we didn’t have to be 1-0.”

The challenge on Sanchez:

“I don’t even want to see it again. It was clear, if it’s regular for you, that’s okay. But that’s okay, we have to be better. Even in the first half there were episodes… But as I said before, if we had been at 2 or 3-0 the referee would not have whistled in the same way. We deserved more.”

Psychological backlash?

“A defeat in a derby is not the same as the others, but we will have to come out stronger than before because we will have Roma, Napoli and Liverpool in sequence. To win certain matches we need to do more.”

Wrong substitutions tonight?

“I don’t think so. Perisic had a hardening in his calf and it seems that it was just a strong cramp. Lautaro had given everything, he was very good. And Calhanoglu, I changed him in the 72nd minute, he had given everything and was booked.”

Was there a lack of concreteness today?

“The result does not reflect the game, but we should congratulate Milan for staying in the game until the end. I regret not having closed it in the first half, when we had created so much. In these matches, more wickedness and determination must be put.”

After this knockout what level of awareness do you have?

“Everything the same as before. We wasted a great chance, especially for how we played for 70 minutes.”

Source: DAZN Italia