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Serie A condemns racism towards Lukaku

Via Inter.it

After yesterday’s racist abuse towards Romelu Lukaku in the Cagliari game, Serie A have released a press release. In the Press Release, Serie A ‘strongly condemns’ the racial abuse suffered by Romelu Lukaku and has announced plans for an anti-discrimination initiative starting in October.

“Lega Serie A has always been against all forms of discrimination and is strongly committed to countering a heinous phenomenon that, though perpetrated by a few stupid people, damages the whole system.”

“In October, a national and international initiative will be launched, involving the 20 Serie A teams, with the aim of making every supporter aware of such a delicate and important issue. Each club will be asked to select their own player, who will become part of Serie A’s ‘Team Against Racism’, a testimonial that will be the bearer of the values ​​of respect and equality in the first person.”

“Racism is a cultural problem, everyone’s commitment will be needed, from experts to fans, to spread a positive, consistent and appropriate model for a civilised country like Italy through its stadia.”