Home Breaking Selling Hakimi would be Inter’s biggest mistake in years!

Selling Hakimi would be Inter’s biggest mistake in years!

Selling Hakimi would be one the biggest mistake in decades

We have seen over the past week the potential transfer of Hakimi away from Inter. To the board and owners, don’t sell one of our best players!

We know the books have to be balanced, but there has to be another way. For years Inter has needed a replacement for Maicon, and we finally found our man.

There has been zero players with as much speed and ability on an Inter wing over the past decade. The contribution Hakimi has made in the last season is priceless. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the best in the world at his position too.

In the past 10 years, we have made stupid decisions but this by far would be the worst of them all. Almost reminds me of the time Inter sold Samuel Eto’o to cash in. Although we got money for Eto’o, it did not make up for what we lost on the field.

This will be the identical scenario, where the club will benefit financially but in the long run we will cost ourselves titles and trophy money. If Inter go ahead and sell Hakimi, we will see other players follow because the lack of the trust in the club.

Do you think that great clubs are built by money? No, they are built by culture, fans personality and strength.

If we look at clubs like PSG and Manchester City, they have spent billions in recent years. What was that really worth? A few league titles but zero success in Europe. There is nothing good about those clubs and it makes me sick how football has changed over the years!

We are Inter, so let’s keep our identity and build that winning attitude inside this club. We want to turn our players into legends of the club, and not just cash in on them when they become profitable.

Fingers crossed our club finds another way, instead of selling the players we (the fans) deem as untouchable.

As always, Forza Inter!