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Scrappy 3 points, but we’ll take it!

Barella scores magnificent volley

The Inter of previous seasons would’ve lost this match. Dominating the first half in many ways, then conceding out of nowhere and going into half time 1-0 down. Inter came out of half time looking lethargic and playing with no intent.

All the Nerazzurri needed was a little spark!

A Barella volley would change the course of the match and put Inter in control of the game from the 77th minute. The saviour D’Ambrosio at the back post would score a crucial goal which would prove to be the winner.

Inter wrapped it up in stoppage time with Cagliari goalkeeper committing to a corner and leaving his goal open. Lukaku would collect the loose ball, beat Cragno and walk the ball into the back of net. Inter win 3-1.

Let’s look at the key takeaways from the match.

Man of the Match –

Only one player is deserving of this praise and that’s Nicolo Barella.

The moment which changed Inter’s fortunes was a sensational volley to bring the score’s level. In the first half we saw a similar effort with not much power behind it, but this second effort was definitely something to behold. We’ll put that one in the memory banks for the future.

Barella would also provide the assist at the back post for the D’Ambrosio header. Without Barella on the pitch, we may have seen a 1-0 Cagliari win.

Did you know the following statistic? This is the first Serie A match in Barella’s career where he has scored a goal and provided an assist in the same game. Nicolo is developing into a world class midfielder, so Inter and Italy fans will be licking in delight with what’s to come for this gem.

A love story which wasn’t meant to be – 

There is no denying that all Inter fans and lovers of football want to see the best of Christian Eriksen. No one is doubting Eriksen’s ability, however his desire and passion looks to be completely missing.

For the first 15 minutes he looked lively and was dancing around the field elegantly. After that, Eriksen went missing for the next 40 minutes and dropped deep in the field to try to reignite himself.

With Brozovic already covering that position, Inter would lose their way and ultimately lose the midfield. The shots on target dried up, the passing was predictable and things wouldn’t change until Eriksen left the field in the 56th minute for Sensi.

Ultimately, we all want Eriksen to succeed but Inter is not the club for him to move forward. We should expect a transfer request in the January transfer window.

Il Capitano’s time as number one may be up –

Inter just isn’t seeing the same Handanovic from previous seasons. There has always been a perception about Handanovic turning into a statue instead of diving or jumping for a shot.

For Cagliari’s only clear cut chance of the match, it turned into a goal. In this season, limited shots for oppositions turning into goals has been a dangerous trend which Inter will need to stop if title ambitions are on the radar.

Handanovic’s feet were buried into the grass and there was no effort or movement made at all for the Cagliari goal. Question is, would Handanovic have saved this? Probably not as it was a great volley, but the issue is that these minimal efforts are starting to become the norm.

Especially when we have a quality keeper sitting on the bench in Radu, it may be time to start a new era. All Inter fans are thankful for everything Samir has done with Inter over all the “dark years” so we appreciate all he has done for the club.

Where to next?

With only three days rest, Inter will face a red-hot Napoli side back at the San Siro. Ultimately Inter would love the 3 points, but this Napoli team have some brilliant players and are know for a “never say die” attitude.

Potentially this could take Inter in first position with a win, of course depending on what happens with the Milan result.


Written by Matthew Pickham