Home Exclusive Ronaldo Commemorates Valentino Rossi’s Retirement!

Ronaldo Commemorates Valentino Rossi’s Retirement!

Ronaldo Commemorates Valentino Rossi's Retirement!

The greatest striker of all time Ronaldo has celebrated with fellow Interista Valentino Rossi after Rossi’s final race of his MotoGP career.

“Rossi had an incredible journey, he is a true legend” Ronaldo was quoted saying during the race.

Ronaldo also went on telling the story of his relationship with Rossi.

“I met Valentino Rossi for the first time in Italy twenty years ago. At the time he was already champion. He is also known for being an Inter Milan fan and I used to play there.

“He was very young and I have a special affection for him. We are in his last race, he did an incredible course. He’s a true legend, he deserves everything.

“I wish him good luck for the future. I told him that life can be fun even without racing, that’s what happened to me when I stopped playing football. It’s good to be here on his last race.”

Greatness respecting greatness is truly something which brings happiness to the heart. A sad day in MotoGP with Valentino retiring, but he will have more time to follow his beloved Inter now!

As always, Forza Inter!