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Roma will only accept a Dzeko-Icardi swap.

The negotiations between Inter and Roma have taken another turn as the Roman side is reportedly only interested in a Dzeko-Icardi swap.


As these negotiations take far too long to reach an understanding, Roma’s direction has made a decision.

While they had put a 20M price tag on Dzeko, Roma have now changed their minds: they will not let Inter sign Dzeko for cash.

According to Fabrizio Romano, Roma will from now on only negotiate a deal if it includes Icardi.

The Roman side want to take advantage of Conte’s appreciation of Dzeko and improve their squad with Inter’s outcast Mauro Icardi.

Of course, Roma would have to pay Inter a sum of money in addition to Dzeko, but no exact figures have been reported yet.

However reports claim that Icardi is not very keen on making the move happen and would prefer to join Juventus instead.