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Rannochia: A question of mentality

Image Via Майоров Владимир

After a poor defeat at the hands of Bologna, Andrea Rannochia spoke with FCInterNews to voice his frustrations:

“Surely there is a psychological aspect that influences the players, but players at this kind of level. Right now we have to evaluate our goals and go for the Champions League spot. We cannot create mental problems or alibis right now, instead we have to focus on bringing home the three points. Time is running out, the teams in front of us are getting ahead and the teams behind us are gaining ground.”

Andrea went on to state that he believes it is only the psychological inefficiencies of the squad that are to blame for the poor run of form.

“From my point of view it is only a mental matter. This is a thing that can strengthen us because the mental part is something that you can change, it is all up to the players to change in order to get this straighten up this boat. Focus on this being a team sport, no individual can change this it is all about the team.”