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Radja: “I made a deal with Inter, I need to repay them.”


Inter midfielder Radja Nainggolan spoke to Sky Sport on the sidelines of the match against Parma:

How much does this victory weigh for everything that has happened during this period? 
“The teams behind are pushing, these three points make us remain in a good position in the standings, we had a difficult period, between rumors and lack of confidence, today we deserved the victory, creating scoring opportunities.”

How are you experiencing this period? 
“I’m trying to give my best, because I started this season a bit bad, I never got to 100%, then I got hurt and there were some non-football problems. I hope to repay it: we made a deal, they gave me a big hand, the only thing I want to do is play football and do the best for this team.”

What kind of “pact” did you make? 
“These are things that can not come out of the locker room. I know I did wrong, not performing on my level. The management was close to me, the only thing I want doing is repaying it and making my contribution to this team.”

Your contribution could benefit Inter’s cause for this season finale. 
“Yes, let’s say I’ve never been 100% and I’m not even today, I felt good, I hope to feel better and better. My physical condition affects so much, then what happens outside the field has always been secondary to me. Today I am thirty years old and something had to change, so some points – above all on the personal level – had to be changed, and with this tranquility I can work more serene.”

You are not 100% yet and you have not been lucky in the first part of the season. 
“I have never had these physical problems for how I have lived my career until today, so, having started this season with some health problems, I asked myself a few more questions, thanks to the work done with the technical collaborators. I’m finding myself like old times.”

What kind of environment can you breathe around Inter? 
“Let’s say that in Rome you feel a lot more the heat, but here at Inter they have won so much in their history and expect them to win as soon as possible, in every square, when the results are less good, there are always criticisms. It’s part of the game: the criticism must be accepted and the only thing that can be done is to always respond on the field, we are trying to do it and as a group we can improve on all these aspects.”

Source: Sky Sports