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Problems with Marcelo Brozovic Renewal?


In the last hours there are rumors going around that create great concern for the majority of Inter fans. Why is Marcelo Brozovic renewal deal have not being officialized yet? Weeks ago most transfermarket pundits confirmed it.

Barcelona interest

According to the italian journalist Pasquale Guarro the problem is Barcelona interest in signing Brozovic in the next transfer window for free.

Yesterday the Italian pundit published in his twitter account:

“Inter remain optimistic about the renewal of #Brozovic but ask the player for a quick response, because they have had the contract in their hands for too long. The voice of #Barcelona arrived strong at the venue, but not only that. Inter, to stagger Brozovic, is Barcelona, who are trying by all means to convince him.

In viale della Liberazione they gave him the contract ten days ago and they were sure they would receive the yes soon, but it hasn’t arrived yet. It all depends on Brozo”.

At the same time, Fabrizio Biasin said that Barcelona is offering 8 million Euros contract per season. Tottenham offered the same some days ago. However, both of them emphasize that they are still optimistic of the Inter’s ‘regista’ renewal.

Delaying the renewal: The nature of the bonuses

On the other hand, Fc.Internews published that the thing that is slowing down the new contract is the nature of the bonuses offered. He has already accepted the offer of 6 million net plus bonuses (7 million in total). But some of those bonuses are not that easy to achieve. The Croatian midfielder wants them easier so he can reach those 7 million he have in mind since the beginning of the negotiations. Nonetheless, according to this source our number 77 doesn’t have in mind leaving Inter and Milano. Brozovic wants to stay at the club.


For us Inter fans there is no doubt. Marcelo Brozovic has to stay because he is the main piece of our team in the midfield. Let’s hope that next week we will be celebrating not only a win in the derby, but also our bomberman renewal!