Home Interview Preziosi: “I adore Conte and I’d see him well at Inter.”

Preziosi: “I adore Conte and I’d see him well at Inter.”

Image via Clément Bucco-Lechat

In an interview published today by Corriere dello Sport, Genoa president Enrico Preziosi mentioned Inter when asked about former Juve player and manager Antonio Conte.

“I adore him,” he explained “he approaches every match like a personal battle. I hope he can return to Italy. If it were to happen, I would see him well at Inter.”

Preziosi also expressed admiration for Massimiliano Allegri, claiming to have “come close to signing him at Genoa” in the past. Coming from a president famous for firing managers on a whim, such praise is more surprising than it seems.

Preziosi’s words also reflect some recent media rumours suggesting a potential future in black and blue for the Apulian coach. Inter’s newly appointed CEO Beppe Marotta, though, reiterated the club’s support for Spalletti, meaning a managerial change is highly unlikely to happen until at least the end of this season.

Source: Corriere dello Sport