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Podcast: Fabrizio Biasin Part III | 3 more points at Udinese

We are back with Inter’s favourite inside man Fabrizio Biasin for a recap of the mercato and where Inter heads from here as they continue the project under Marotta and Conte.
Also we talk Udinese moments after our 3rd victory of the season, recaping the highlights of Stefano Sensi who continues to show his bargain worth.
All this and much much more so don’t miss a special edition of the #IWWPODCAST ⚫🔵🌍

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A: Welcome,  Hi everybody, every promise is in debt in this episode as  we will have guest Fabrizio Biasin that if you remember, if you listened to us last season, promised to come back to comment a little on the transfer window and the beginning of this season. Hi Fabrizio How are you?

F:Hello hello guys all right all right the transfer market which is my great passion, I’ll comment has ended happily, very willing … (laughs)

A: You commented it all summer on Twitter, even if with enigmatic phrases sometimes ….

F: Even enigmatic ?! No, not so much …

A: Every once in a while you Twitted just a name or even just a word …

F: Because I was too lazy maybe (laughs) But ‘Come on, at the end the transfer went as you hoped, all of those came that they had to arrive, Dzeko aside, so I think Conte is rather happy …

A: So, I apologize in the meantime with the listeners because the quality of the audio is not the best, Fabrizio is driving right now. So if the audio comes and goes that’s the only reason for that.

F: I hope you can hear me, we try, I’m on the highway, heading towards Como to go do the fantasy football so I have a good excuse.

A: So from 0 to 10 how do you rate the Inter transfer window?

F: I would say 8 minus, in the sense that everything they had to do they did. Maybe with some timing unbalanced compared to the forecasts but the important thing was to be able to take the players that they needed and get rid of the ones that were not part of the technical tactical project of the club. Inter made it, has not made any capital gains and some players are loaned  so maybe it will probably recreate the problem next year but the fact is that Conte is holding the group with which wanted to work. This was absolutely the most important thing then bravo Marotta, he did everything he had to do.

A: And what do you think is the key purchase if you have to choose one?

F: Well Certainly Lukaku who was the first on the list, the player that Antonio Conte has put forward as indispensable to carry out his football plan and then when Lukaku arrived we saw that Inter did. A player who by the way for characteristics at the moment  does not have a real substitute and I believe that he will be aiming at this player who, among other things, is the most expensive purchase in the history of Inter so we expect a lot from him. I must say that he started well, he is not yet 100%, indeed. And if he is not in condition and has succeeded in doing what he has done, it means that the premises are excellent.  A: Here I’ll link immediately to one of the questions sent by our listeners: “do you think Conte will be able to rotate players well with all the competitions we have or will he choose let’s say 11 + 3 players and play with them as long as he can”?

F: In the meantime he has already chosen to get rid of some players at the beginning, precisely because he wanted the slender list, a list made of players who he wanted and I believe that he actually succeeded. So all those players now have a chance,they are part of the group and will play. So I don’t think of 11 + 3 but maybe 11 + 6. A player like Ranocchia who played 3 times in attack last year played 2 games as a starter. I believe that there will be room for all the components of the team. I also imagine some presence of Esposito, who is a young, promising boy. Who is left and who is part of the group will find space in the field, also because the matches will hopefully be many.

A: The other question related to what you were saying, they ask for your opinion on the Lautaro-Lukaku couple, which even in these national matches have made havoc.

F: I believe they are absolutely compatible, they were chosen on purpose. Lautaro was already there, this can be his year of development, in the national team we saw he did very well and I believe that for characteristics he marries very well with Lukaku. The agreement obviously lies with time, it takes a little patience but it seems to me two players absolutely inside the project, with the right head. Obviously we make a reasoning with respect to two games, so they leave a little time but they really liked what they have done so far, obviously they have to find a little understanding, they have to be, they have to understand each other though the fact and ‘that Conte is counting a lot on them and also on others, there is Sanchez, there is Politano, there are all but above all on them.

A: Do you think Lukaku will score more or less than 18 goals?

F: Baha, 18 goals … I think he will do more, in the sense it is true that he has come from a couple of seasons where he has not been brilliant because obviously he was not at ease in Manchester but it is also true that his statistics say that the 18 goals are within his reach, among other things, he has already made two, among other things in three competitions, in short, he has all the possibilities to do them.

A: Sorry, I meant just in serie A.

F: Just in Serie A, 18 are many but I think he can do it. I repeat, I also rely on how the season started and started very well and let’s remember, he is, in my opinion, now just at 60, 70% so I remain quite optimistic. I understand that he has already figured out how to play in Serie A and have pretty clear ideas. We understand that he is the chosen penalty taker and so he will have so many possibilities to score..

A: So now at your Fantasy football auction you will bet on Lukaku I guess (laughs …)

F: Well, I have to be able to not let myself be fooled, I think it will be one of the most ambitious and therefore I’ll wait, let’s see what figures come up. For example, speaking of interisti, I will try to take someone like Pinamonti who is no longer part of the Inter squad but is a player who I think will do very well this year. Maybe he doesn’t score 18 goals, maybe he’ll only make 10 but for the fantasy football is perfect, I believe …

A: Other surprises or things that have surprised you in a  positive or negative way, your pick, after the first two games and, oh well, the friendly games I don’t know, they are worth what they are worth …

F: The compactness, unity of purpose, the fact that in any case there is the will to do well from the first to the ninetieth minute, the drops in tension are perceived by the technician with a lot of anger and this thing I like so much. I like Inter’s pressure in the opposing half. While up until last year there was a tendency to defend from the midfield down, this year for what I have seen the defensive phase starts from the opposing three quarters, the second balls are attacked, we try to keep pressure always very high. Obviously it is also a bit risky because then you risk taking the counterattack. But the trend is to always impose play, something that Inter has tried to do in the recent past but has not always succeeded.

A: If you were to predict the end of the season, how would we arrive? What do you think will happen in the Cup and in the league?

F: I remain on the objectives established, ie in the Champions League the goal is to pass the group stage. I think we can do it, it is not easy. But this year the eighth final in my opinion would be a nice goal. then from the eighth forward depends on what happens, from the state of form, of who you draw. But the eighth of the final In my opinion would be an excellent result. In the league no promises are made. We cannot say we are going to win Serie A. But surely we need to do more than last year and then earn the qualification for the Champions League with relative calm and then try to annoy Naploli and Juventus. Maybe not until November like last year but at least in late spring. After that, if things go in a certain direction and Juventus and Napoli have some problems, you can also dream but it’s not something you can say now. The only certainty is that Inter must earn qualification for the CL with great serenity this year. I believe we can do it.

A: And in the Coppa Italia?

F: Here I would like to open the trophy bulletin board because in recent years the Italian Cup has been abused by Inter. We always had good chances but we have always badly exploited them. two years ago in the derby, against Lazio last year. I’d like to be able to go to Rome to see a final, then whatever happens happens. However, being able to experience certain emotions helps because the bulletin board has not been opened for too many years.

A: If you had to predict with the crystal ball, from the first to the sixth position of Serie A, how would you put it today?

F: (laughs) eh, this is very difficult. It is very difficult, we try. I say Juventus, I saw the team salaries of Serie A, they came out the other day, in the first positions there are 13 I think or 14 players from the Juventus squad. So if they don’t create problems for themselves for whatever reason, they are still on another planet. On 38 rounds they have a chance to rotate the players that other teams do not have. So I say Juventus, then I put Inter, then I Napoli, fourth place is really a big question mark because there are the two Roman team, Milan, the same Atalanta who still maintained an important system and I really have to pull here by lot. I tell you I tell you maybe Lazio because it seems to me the team that kept the continuity, held the coach, held the group and maybe this thing can help them in the race for the fourth place. Then I’ll put Milan and Rome.

A: Leaving aside Inter for a moment or even if you want to include it, who will be the player/s or team/s  to keep an eye on?

F: I always hope that DeZerbi’s Sassuolo will explode, because he is one of my favorite coaches and probably the quality of the team won’t allow him to do big things but in my opinion they are able to stay in the upper part of the ranking, I mean half high, a seventh eighth place would be a lot. I believe that even though Turin didn’t have a big transfer window, they only took Verdi on the last day, they have a nice game system. Mazzarri is not really one who makes your eyes shine for quality of play but he is a very concrete one and he will be able to do well again this year. On the players, I will tell you after the fantasy football auction …

A: Ok,  I’ll wait … instead looking at the other end of the ranking, how do you see? Which teams will fight for relegation at the end?

F: Surely I put the 3 newly promoted, because historically in the last few years Who came up from the serie B had always suffered. So all three newly promoted and look there is an unknown factor on Sampdoria because it seems to me they have started really badly. This summer there has been so much confusion at the level of change of ownership that it has not yet happened and nobody has thought about the field and Sampdoria must wake up because it has already started badly, the risk of continuing on that road is concrete and must be very careful. But ok, in the end I think they will be save. The rest are more or less equipped team to stay in Serie A.

A: Still speaking in general of Serie A, few are the big names that have left this year, ironically most are players from Inter, big names have arrived, some returned … Is there some characters, some of the players you’re happier they arrived or that you couldn’t wait to follow in Serie A anyway?

F: So, he was already in Serie A and I’m glad he came to Inter and I’m talking about Barella, because he is a player I have been following for a long time and I like him, I am convinced that he will have a good season even if for some it started badly. I don’t think so, I think it’s going to be a great season. then for those who came from abroad, one of my favorites has always been Ramsay, I was sorry to see him at Juve as a free transfer, if he is well physically, at the moment he is not well physically, but if he is well physically, I think he will do good things, he is a player that I have always very much appreciated and then I am intrigued by Lozano because he is an Ancelotti Pupil and Ancelotti rarely makes a mistake when he aims at a player. last year he did very well and let’s see what he does in Italy.

A: The last two questions, the first is about the new Inter shirts this season, even one of our listeners was asking “do you think this season is perhaps one of the best for jerseys or how you see them?

F: The beautiful jerseys are the winning ones, then to me the rest … the graphics, the colors … I care very little. I’m interested in winning jerseys. the 2010 shirt was not particularly beautiful But I remember it very well. Other more beautiful jerseys I honestly don’t remember them except for the Centenary one which I think was wonderful. Among other things, now the shirts are changed every two months … honestly I become more attached to the victories …  (16:11 to 16:33 bad connection).

A: I wanted to know your opinion on the ugly facts that happened recently in Cagliari and all the discourse of the Curva Nord about racism, if you want to say a few words about your opinion …

F: Unfortunately this is something that periodically returns and then you do a bit of media watching, you try to fix the level thing of communication but then it always comes back to the usual point, Why? Because the World does not stand out in Cagliari fans and Inter fans and Juve fans and Napoli supporters but stands out in intelligent people, and luckily they are largely all those who understand how the world works, and some fool who on the other hand does not understand how things are going and returns to make confusion to ruin the games from a certain point of view. Unfortunately this thing will never change because there are fools and in 2019 they also have the possibility of making themselves heard on more levels. We should go and get them. This is something we have been saying for a long time, but in reality it is difficult and above all it seems to me that they do not really want to solve the problem at its root. We could do it because the technologies allow us to go and see who does who does what but it seems to me that there is not a big will to go and eradicate the problem, Unfortunately.

A: Now I don’t want to get you in trouble, but that statement from the Curva Nord, if the episode itself was bad, personally, the response of the Curva Nord was in my opinion of the same level. truly a nonsensical thing and above all again they want to represent the Inter fans when in reality, at least for what I see, they do not represent the Inter fans but represent themselves, the CN, which has behaviors that I sometimes do not understand, that are  totally out of the contest, that has nothing to do with the sport, so do you think Inter should do something at least for what concerns our own fans?

F: So much confusion was made because we try to mix the sports aspect with much more serious and much more important questions. and therefore it was necessary to avoid commenting on what happened. What happened It is shameful and should not be commented on and there are no distinctions. That is, it does not exist, “it is done to annoy” or “it is done but it is not racism.” There is no distinction, if one has studied history knows that the story told very bad things, and opposite to what happened in the past to racism and so on is only in silence, there are no distinctions, there are no excuses

A: Sure but , should Inter do something about the CN, I don’t know, say something about what they released?

F: 15 days have passed, now it’s late. But last year they did something. They carried out a very beautiful awareness campaign that obviously does not arrive in the minds of those who do not want to accept a certain type of speech.

So yes, you can also distance yourself, but what’s the use? surely a press release would have served to make it clear that Inter is in one direction, but we already know this thing.

That is to say, Inter continues to reiterate the fact that it is a team par excellence that accepts everyone, that we love everybody, we know and has always been said and reiterated. in the face of such things, I believe that indifference at some point can also be the most correct thing.

To leave those who have no desire, do not have the ability to understand that certain things are very serious, leave them in their broth because it is useless to reason with those who do not want to reason. It will be no use, the statement  this and that, are not useful. Those who do not want to get it must be isolated in some way.

A: Last question, what do you foresee for this weekend against Udinese, what do you foresee?

F: Well then, to start, I’ll go to San Siro, so I enjoy it live, let’s say …

A: Lucky you!

F: I know you are far away, I feel sorry for you .. The hope is to give continuity. Let’s say that the calendar helps from this point of view because Udinese is obviously a team to be feared, of course, in the past it has also bothered Inter and all we want, but in short if you want to annoy Juventus from a Scudetto perspective, you must be able to bring the three points home. I am fairly optimistic for once. I’m usually a little more careful, in this case I’m quite optimistic.

A: So a victory?

F: Yes, yes, I believe it!

A: Ok, Fabrizio, thank you very much, if you have something you want to say, some articles, a broadcast, I know you’re busy on all fronts … if you want to get yourself some promotion …

F: So, I say too much bullshit, too many but thank you very much because this is the FIRST INTERVIEW after four months without the word ICARDI. So thank you!

A: (laughs) I was a bit restrained but, you know,  now for at least 10, 11 months shouldn’t concern us anymore!

F: Eh, we hope, hopefully! Let’s turn the page and move on!

A: Fabrizio, Thank you very much again and I hope to hear from you again

F: whenever you want, willingly! Greet me all and thank you.

A: Bye and good luck with the auction (laughs)

F: (laughs) yes, the auction … Thanks again, a hug