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Player Ratings: Udinese – Inter

Via Inter.it

After a solid 2-0 win away from San Siro, these are the grades for the players, coach and overall team.

Inter: 7. The team overall was barely superior in the first half. The second half was essentially a small step-up when it comes to attacking. The grade reflects a positive defense that barely got Padelli involved.

Padelli: 6.5. Unexpected his presence between the posts. He gave a sense of security to the team. Not too many the occasions he was needed in.

Bastoni: 6. The youngster is learning fast from his defensive colleagues. He still has something to prove out there, but he played a decent game.

De Vrij: 7.5. The defensive star in Conte’s defense. When he needs to anticipate, he does, and stylishly. This year he is stealing the spotlight from Skriniar.

Skriniar: 7. Pretty good game for him too. Ordinary administration on his side with a couple of good tackles.

Young: 7.5. The player has learned how this team works. Good job offensively and defensively. Vital in stopping a ball directed in the net.

Eriksen: 6.5. An average game for the danish. He has shown some of his potentials but we all expect more from him. Expected to prove his talent in the Derby next weekend.

Barella: 8. The life and blood of this midfield. Most balls he gets to end up as offensive. Serves the assist to Lukaku and takes back the ball. Almost Man of the Match.

Vecino: 6.5. Picks up the pace from the last few games. Better in everything but still not at the level of the rest. More is expected of him.

Moses: 6. Encouragement grade for the newbie. He still needs some time to fully adapt to Conte’s style of play. Offensively a great asset, defensively absent.

Lukaku: 8.5. As Conte said, a good Lukaku but not the best we have seen. The player still manages a brace with exceptional skill on the first goal and then ice in his veins for the penalty. Man of the Match.

Esposito: 5.5. It must not be easy to shine while playing next to Big Rom. The youngster is excused due to his age but has shown he is not ready to start in this team.

Coach Conte: 7. It must not be easy to replace Brozovic (7) and Lautaro. He does what he can. Strange choice to start Esposito over Sanchez. The Chilean must not be fully recovered yet.