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Perisic: “If we play like that, we shouldn’t fear anyone”


Man of the Match, Ivan Perisic was interviewed after the match by Inter TV. Perisic ended a sublime first half with two assists to his name.

“February and March were difficult months for us in terms of results, but it’s not over. We’ve won two games on the trot. We must now move ahead and play, fight and run as we did today. If we play like that, we shouldn’t fear anyone.

“I’ve played in almost every position during my career. It doesn’t matter to me where I play; the important thing is playing and ultimately winning. It’s up to the coach to decide where I must go.

“I can be in defence; I have no problem with that. I certainly enjoy running and I have done ever since I was a kid. The most important thing is to give everything.

“Today saw the return of the fans. We’ve been without them for two years, so things will be easier now.”

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Source: Inter official website