Home Analysis Perisic dominance not enough to help Inter!

Perisic dominance not enough to help Inter!

Perisic v Liverpool
Ivan Perisic up against Trent Alexander-Arnold

Even with a masterclass from Ivan Perisic, it was not enough to swing the result into Inter’s favour.

Inter have undeservedly lost 2-0 at home to Liverpool. A match where Inter played fantastic for 70 minutes, but couldn’t play the full 90.

Against one of the top three teams in world football, Inter held their own and really impressed. Liverpool looked frustrated and shell shocked until they finally opened the deadlock.

Let’s look further into the match itself.

Where was it lost?

In the end, Inter just couldn’t put any of their 9 shots on target and take their opportunities. You need to score goals to win games and our strikers let us down.

The other positions on the field gave Inter every chance to win. Brozovic, Vidal and Calhanoglu dominated the Liverpool midfield in Thiago and Fabinho. Perisic absolutely ripped apart Trent Alexander-Arnold (TAA) down the flank and Dumfries held his own against Robertson.

Skriniar was fantastic in defence and gave his all for the full match. I’m sure a lot of Liverpool supporters would’ve been so impressed by his physicality and judgement of our future capitano in Skriniar.

Again though, it doesn’t matter how good the other players are, as our strikers in Lautaro and Dzeko just did not perform. There were multiple opportunities for Dzeko to give us the lead, but his speed was non existent.

It definitely hurts without Barella being available, but even with him it wouldn’t have mattered. I say that because our striker situation doesn’t fix itself with a midfielder. We need to look in the mirror and decide what we do for the rest of the season with our front two.

Broken record –

Every week, it’s the same old story but nothing has changed. For the past couple of months we’ve heard about renewals for two our best players in Perisic and Brozovic.

However, nothing is coming from it and it seems we’re going to lose them both for free in June.

Today without Perisic we would’ve absolutely struggled. The amount of work this guy puts in with his running and coverage is incredible. The same could be said for Brozovic as he intercepted so many balls and helped Inter create chances down the other end.

Without the two Croatians, I know Inter will still be competitive but we are definitely better with them in the team.

One of the best right-backs in football, TAA was kept quiet for the entirety of the match and looked very rattled. For someone who creates a lot of attack for Liverpool, he was non-existent for large periods.

Every chance Perisic had, he beat TAA with speed and skill. Unluckily the finish was not there from Inter from the Perisic crosses though.

Where to next?

We’re back again at San Siro to take on Sassuolo. A match where it’s do or die, as we need to get back to some form in the league. We’ve been on a pretty bad run as of late, so a win is essential to our title hopes.

Prediction: Inter 3-1

As always, Forza Inter!

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