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Pacts and paths – Surviving without Icardi

How Inter is going to adapt and survive without Icardi


It took a while but our dressing room realized what us fans are fearing: Mauro is faking his injury. And if he isn’t, it never stopped him to train, play and score before Inter decided to strip him of the captaincy.

But if the mood in the attendance is…well, black and blue in the traditional negative way, the mood of our players is black and blue in the best way: they are together and united for the Inter cause. First of all is Ivan Perisic.

Reports highlight how the winger is becoming the leader of this new Inter. His relationship with Icardi went sour soon after the initial exploit. They were a dynamic duo that made us daydream at every assist and goal. Few are the reasons: Perisic desire to play in England if someone comes with a real interest, Icardi’s agent comments on TV and money.

Allegedly, Arsenal was ready to offer Ivan a 7 million per year deal, same amount Icardi asked Inter.

Now, without Icardi’s larger-than-life presence, Perisic took the steering wheel, playing some of his most intense football, being involved in every aspect of the game, also feeling the authority of reprove Politano for his goal celebration, carrying Spalletti’s instructions and going to talk to the referee like happened against Fiorentina.

Referring to an united dressing room lead by the Croatian, doesn’t mean the door is shut for an incredible return for Mauro in the squad. Some of the players, like Vecino and Lautaro, are still close to the Argentinian striker. But it has been reported that during a phone call, Vecino asked Mauro to make the first step but he is stuck on his line: Inter has to apologize and give him back the captain band.

This soap opera continues with Icardi thinking to undergo surgery for an injury that isn’t there. And this seems hard to believe. Surgery, added to his stubbornness against playing for Inter in the next few months, might compromise his chances to make Copa America with la Selección.

With two years left in his contract, Marotta promise of a raise and his wife sweet words towards Milano, his future seems to be still with Inter but Napoli is allegedly ready to offer 9 million plus bonuses per season to have Icardi as their new number 9.

The release clause of 110 millions is valid only for the first two weeks of July and that looked as a stronghold in Inter strategy to keep the player. But now looks like a way we could lose him for less.

So who’s gonna score for Inter? With the incredible tour de force and the goal of hitting Champions League for next season, Inter has got only Lautaro as striker. Keita is one or two weeks away from making his return on the pitch. Perhaps this is the chance to throw in the mix Facundo Colidio, Eddy Salcedo and Salvatore Esposito from the Primavera.

One thing for sure, things are going to get even more intense in March.