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Onana “We showed character and determination!”

Onana - Inter

Inter’s main man in between the sticks, Andre Onana had some positive words to say after the match in an interview with Inter TV.

“We close the year in the best possible way, it’s a very important victory for us. We knew how difficult it would be here, I’m happy because we fought and showed character and determination. I’m proud of this team. We always fight all together, it’s nice like this.”

Onana spoke about his pinpoint long balls pinged from his box.

“The long ball for Dimarco? For me it’s easy to try to serve my teammates, because they are very good. We’ve always played well, I think we deserved to win some games we didn’t win, but that’s football.”

Finally, Onana spoke of the strength of the team.

“We showed character and determination, I think we’re all playing and suffering together now, that’s the most important thing.”

The best thing for Inter’s season was bringing in Onana. He has a bright future he at Inter, with many more years to come. I’m positive that along with that he’ll bring success to this club.

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Source: Inter official website