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Official: Icardi transfers to PSG


It is now official: Mauro Icardi is a Paris Saint-Germain player. The two clubs have given the official announcement today. After the loan, the Parisian side has exerted the option to buy.

The sale will see Inter earn 50 Million euros + 8 Million in bonuses. The bonuses are mostly related to appearances and goals. As confirmed by Corriere dello Sport, there is an added bonus in case PSG wins the Champions League. Moreover, Inter wanted to protect themselves from a resale in Serie A and there is an added 15 Million penalty if the french club were to sell Icardi to a Serie A side.

The original agreement saw a buy fee of 70 million. As the french league was terminated early due to the circumstances, the income of PSG was lower. They, therefore, negotiated a better deal for themselves to which Inter was happy to comply. The early termination of Ligue 1 crowned PSG champions.

Icardi will substitute Cavani on the field. He will likely earn the 10 million the Uruguayan was earning. Money Inter could not afford to pay.