Home Exclusive New Inter TV feature titled “Careers” debuts with Barella

New Inter TV feature titled “Careers” debuts with Barella


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“As a kid, I’d wear Inter shirts with Ronaldo and Alvaro Recoba on the back”, Barella mentions in an extensive interview.

As published by Inter’s official website here, the episode goes through Barella’s childhood, his early career and then the big move to Inter. There’s also a sneak peak on Inter’s official instagram. Click to view.

The full episode can be seen on Inter TV in partnership with DAZN here.

Barella spoke about his upbringing and the dialect that he can speak.

“I was born in Pirri and raised in Sestu where I lived with my parents. I’ve got strong ties to my homeland and I’m proud of my origins. The Sardinian language? I use it here in Milan when I don’t want people to understand what I’m saying!”

He then went onto a talk about his idle at Cagliari.

“Whatever a player may achieve in their career will never match what Gigi Riva achieved for Cagliari. When he told me that he knew all about me and told me how good I was it makes me proud of everything I’ve done.”

Finally Barella talked about his family and the love of Inter in his family which he couldn’t get away from.

“When my father went away for work he’d always bring me back a shirt of the team from the city where he’d gone to and I’d wear it when having a kickabout with my cousins. He bought me Inter shirts with Ronaldo and Alvaro Recoba on the back.

“I’ve always said that I’m a Cagliari fan but I’ve long since had a soft spot for Inter given all my family support the club.”

A beautiful feature, so it’ll be fantastic for all the fans to see it in full.