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Nainggolan: “Being insulted by Juve fans makes me proud.”


It’s been a season full of drama for Radja Nainggolan: from suffering multiple injuries, getting suspended and fined for arriving late to training to a released audio of him saying he wants to go back to Roma.

In a long interview with Corriere dello Sport, Nainggolan spoke about different things; Zaniolo, Monchi, Juventus and Icardi.

“I was not 100% prepared during the summer and I was not very well. If I managed to play all of the pre-season games, I would have grown a lot but instead I fell into a lot of physical problems.”

Monchi? At the beginning I had an open relationship with him, often bringing the 6-7 most representative players of Rome and discussing together the various situations that was being created. It made me feel important. However, then I was told that he was talking behind my back, he wanted to sell me and meanwhile I was madly in love with Roma. When he left Roma, he was already holding a press conference in Seville after just 3 days. For me, this shows a lot of things.”

Zaniolo? He is a good player but ten years ago you did not need everything on a silver platter, you had to make sacrifices to find space even in Serie B. But that’s okay, I’m not envious of anyone and I wish him the best. For now, he has played 20 good games meanwhile I’ve been good for 10 years.”

Better to win against Roma or Juventus? The first, of course. If I scored against Roma, I wouldn’t go too far, while I have always said I am anti-juventus. Being the subject of insults by Juve fans, makes me proud. There are players that when Juventus come looking for them, they immediately accept their offer because they win everything and they can raise trophies with them. It is true, but to raise 10 trophies by playing 10 games, I prefer to win as one of the protagonist.”

Icardi case? Spalletti managed it in the best way possible; whoever makes a mistake, must pay. He did so much to have me with him at Inter but the fact remains I was fined and punished when I made mistakes. If Icardi continues to train in this way and scores, he is an important player for us. Otherwise, no one is indispensable in any team. I also told him if he has problems with someone, then he must solve them because the whole group cannot suffer the consequences.”

Source: Di Marzio