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Moratti: “Spalletti is experiencing crisis.”


The former Inter President Massimo Moratti, spoke to Rai Sport’s microphones and spoke about the difficult period Inter are currently going through:

“Inter elimination? The character also depends on how the game is going. The team got scared and lost the order needed to stay in the game.”

Moratti spoke about the upcoming fixture, the Derby against AC Milan:

“Inter must face the game with serenity, remembering that Milan is not Real Madrid.”

Moratti was asked about the current situation regarding Icardi:

“We needed a clarification between both parties but instead everyone is proudly remaining in their position.”

He ended the interview by giving advice to the manager Luciano Spalletti:

“Spalletti is experiencing a moment of crisis. I would ask the team to aim at reaching the Champions League spot with all the necessary professionalism by setting aside the reasons that split the team in half.”

Source: Pedulla