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Mo’ Mauro, Mo’ Problems


More Mauro more problems.

I think it is safe to say, Mauro will not be at the San Siro next year. The player did not look like he was celebrating the win against Sampdoria today, as well as Spalletti coming out saying Icardi did not go to the locker room to celebrate the win, and it could only mean one thing. Icardi realizes that he is no longer the centrepiece at Inter. For the second time this week, Inter played without Icardi and were able to get the win. It is a new Inter without him, a team where every player steps up and puts their own contribution into the game. Each player digging deep and playing with passion.

What we need to ask ourselves is this due to the Inter players putting in more effort now that Icardi is not playing, and that they are willing to play for their new captain in Handanovic? Or is this due to Icardi not playing, and allowing the Inter players to play a different brand of football? Personally, I think it is both.

There has been plenty of locker talk about the players not being happy with Icardi, where he himself was voted out of the captaincy by his own players and the board. The players must be sick and tired of his off-field antics and finally had the balls to say something to the board and put in motion which I believe will be the eventual farewell for Icardi at the season end.

With no disrespect to Icardi, he is a world class player who will succeed at any club he goes to, but I think it’s time Inter got with the times and started playing more free-flowing football. Looking at the best clubs in the world right now, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Barcelona, they have approached the free flowing football, where they no longer require a typical number 9 upfront, with their goal poaching and lethargic agility.

I hate to say, but the times of a typical number 9 are over, Icardi possesses great poaching and goal scoring ability but in order for Inter to be a powerhouse again, it’s time for them to let him go and invest in free flowing attackers.

Inter already have Karamoh on loan, Martinez upfront, and Politano on the right, selling Icardi and investing in a fast, and agile goal-scorer will change Inter for the better.

Imagine a front 3 of Martinez – Martial – Karamoh. Inter would be able to invest in Martial, who is on the way out of Manchester even though he signed a new contract, for the price of Icardi. That front 3 will be great moving forward and have many years left in them.

Back to the game now, two games this week without Icardi and both resulting in a win. The players themselves had more involvement, and wasn’t a typical take it out wide, cross it into Icardi sort of game style. Inter looked more attacking creating more chances. There seemed to be more flair added to the attack which made Inter look more dangerous.

Early on, a very weak shot nearly found its way into the back of the net, and although it wasn’t the best of shots, it did just show how much that players these days lack the guts to take responsibility and shoot more often, where very easily that could have went in.

Inter created many chances, with again most coming from our Croatian contingent, with Perisic proving his worth and with Brozovic being absolutely relentless today, playing with heart and passion, a player who I would happily place as Inter captain. Naingollan is feeling more and more comfortable each game, with Politano’s weaving and brilliance showing that we have missed him in the last couple of games as well.

A momentary lapse caused Inter to concede, where, to be fair, could have very easily been a penalty against them. However, up stepped Nainggolan scoring a signature goal from outside the box. I just feel the players have more freedom without Icardi on the field, and that is not to place blame on him at all, it is just that they are allowed to take more chances and play a style more attacking style of play.

The backline today we’re not at their brilliant best, however, each player put in the effort, with even D’ambrosio contributing with a fantastic strike/tap in. Overall, it was a better result, with each player digging in deep and showing passion whilst playing. Inter have the talent, however, lately they have lacked the guts/emotion in each game to put them over the line, however, today’s performance was a great performance, and just showed that life without Icardi can be managed.