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Mkhitaryan “My first goal for Inter is special”

Mkhitaryan - Fiorentina
Mkhitaryan - Fiorentina

Henrikh Mkhitaryan was interviewed by Inter TV after his scoring his first goal in Inter shirt and ultimately the match winner.

“I have already experienced matches like this, but this is special because my first goal came with the Inter shirt. I was a bit tired in the final minutes but I told the coach that I wanted to stay on the pitch because I felt that something could happen.

“It is a very important goal, no matter how it arrived: it gave us a very important victory, we want to go on like this because we deserve to be at the top. We always have a great desire to win, we deserved it.

“Too many goals conceded? The important thing is to score one more than the opponents! We can improve both defensively and offensively, we knew it would not be easy against Fiorentina, but we have shown that we can all fight together.

“It’s just the beginning, we are improving and we will do it again because we want to become perfect.”

Since the injury to Brozovic, Mkhitaryan has stepped into this midfield perfectly. A real asset to the team and a player who is showing some real class. How have you rated Mkhitaryan’s transition into the team so far?

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Source: Inter official website