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Milan Mayor Supports Stadium Closure


Giuseppe Sala, mayor of Milan had the following comments on the recent negative events surrounding Calcio in regards to racism.

“We’ve heard from the prefecture several times, and we’ll call a meeting with Inter and Milan to avoid repeating these problems,” Sala told reporters this evening.

Inter were handed a two-match stadum ban, with an additional one game ban sanctioned towards The Curva Noord after Napoli’s Kalidou Koulibaly was subjected to racist absuse.

“I’d tend to agree, I understand they need to send a signal, but I don’t know how to measure these things. I think a signal is the right thing though.

“Should the league be suspended? I don’t think so, because objectively, in the face of such attitudes, there are also a lot of people going to the stadium with a positive attitude.

“So I don’t think we need to suspend the league. It’s not just a problem in Milan, everyone should take their own responsibility and mine is to talk to the prefecture and with the clubs.

“This is something that goes against the spirit of our open city. I felt uncomfortable during the game and I wanted to leave, but I wanted to reflect on things and then in the morning I said my piece.”

Inter travel to Empoli on the 29th with what looks to be an empty away sector of fans.