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Milan deserved winners over lackluster Inter!

Milan - Inter
Milan - Inter

Inter have lost 3-2 to Milan at San Siro after Rafael Leao single handedly destroyed Inter’s defence for 2 goals and an assist.

There wasn’t much to write home about as Milan exposed Inter’s weaknesses very easily. Conceding 3 goals in a 30 minute period was enough to sink the Nerazzurri. Not good for Inzaghi as he’s now lost two away games on the trot.

A terrible sign as Milan and Lazio are the only good teams in the fixtures so far, and Inzaghi’s team have failed to grab a point against both. Especially with Bayern Munich coming up in a midweek fixture, this could get very messy.

It’s hard to find anything positive to say at the moment, as there doesn’t seem to be much passion for the jersey right now. The players are just going through their strides and not showing any determination which we are used to.

I really hope we can turn this around, but it’s just wishful thinking. In Inzaghi we trust, so let’s hope he can get us out this hole. It’s still early days in the season, but platforms need to be laid now as we were atrocious against Milan and I don’t want to see that continue.

It’s time to go –

For too long I’ve defended Handanovic but unfortunately I can’t anymore. We have a world class goalkeeper in Onana sitting on the bench and it’s sad to see him getting no game time.

I don’t know how much longer Inzaghi can persist with Handanovic. Ever since the scudetto winning season, we’ve seen Handanovic deteriorate and it’s actually embarrassing now.

Opposition teams have a handful of shots on goal, and they seem to score from all of them. We just don’t have a shot stopper on the pitch at the moment. This Inter will continue to lose games until a change is made. It’s needed, it must be done!

Where to next?

As mentioned earlier, Inter will host Bayern Munich. One of the toughest opponents in world football and one that will massacre you if not on your A game.

Prediction: 2-2

I can’t see a win coming to Inter so we pray for a draw.

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