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Milan clubs to build new stadium, the city council refuses to destroy San Siro before 2026

Mutually opposed declarations by the CEOs of the Milan clubs and the mayor of Milan announcing complications in the process of building a new stadium in Milan.


Inter and Milan have reportedly agree to build a new stadium that would be ready in 2022.

According to La Repubblica, both clubs have reached an agreement to build a new stadium next to the mythical Giuseppe Meazza.

The operation’s cost is estimated at €700M and the clubs hope that the new stadium will be ready for 2022-2023 season.

However, Beppe Sala, the mayor of the city of Milan has refused the demolition of San Siro before 2026.

Milan city will host the Winter Olympics in 2026 and the council counts on using Giuseppe Meazza for the occasion.

Beppe Sala declared to Sky Sports Italia:

“The council owns San Siro,”

“If Milan and Inter decide to build a stadium, I can only say two things. It’ll take time. And then, ultimately, we’re owners of the stadium.

“In the Milan-Cortina dossier, we guaranteed that in 2026, San Siro will still be open as usual. End of story.

“After 2026, we’ll decide the future of San Siro in the event there’s a new stadium. But right now, we’re absolutely adamant that this will be the venue for the opening ceremony.

“It’s obvious that the [new] stadium itself, if there’s nothing else, can’t be sustained financially.

“You can build it if you do something else around it: residences, commercial buildings.

“If the two teams were to present a global project, it’s impossible that it could be done in a few years.

“I’d like to do things tomorrow, but it’s not going to happen. I have to dampen the enthusiasm.”

Declarations that announce the beginning of a tug of war between the Milan clubs and the city council.

Source: Football-Italia