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CalcioMercato – Inter make Mertens advancements

Via Soccer.ru

According to calciomercato.com Mertens is getting closer and closer to the Nerazzurri.  Napoli are still hopeful but Inter are optimistic that Mertens will eventually reach Milan. 

The Belgian footballer is at a crossroads: on the one hand the new challenge with his friend Lukaku is a 5 million euro signing, on the other hand his Napoli and those fans he has in his heart, but with a project not at the top and with a signing, at least at the moment, lower than he would perceive in Milan. 

The footballer is thinking about it and, most likely, he may soon meet De Laurentiis again.  Inter’s pressure is very strong, Marotta has never been so sure he can get it from Napoli, who still retains a few fragments of hope.  Inter have gained ground, but Napoli won’t stop running. 

I think Dries would fit in very well with his national team-mate, being able to attack depth with frequency and high intensity, putting the opposing defenders in big trouble with his excellent dribbling.  It would be, in my opinion, an excellent option for Antonio Conte.