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Mercato Exclusive: Part VIII – Playmaker / Trequartista


Inter Worldwide will be analysing each position during this transfer window. Where can Inter improve? Do we have the financial capacity this winter? Keep reading to find out more:

Part VIII:


In this case I will talk about two very different players with a common focus in mind: creating goal-scoring opportunities. In our roster, at the moment, we lack a player with this purpose in some way.

Our midfielders are trying to destroy/interrupt rivals passage lines or create an intricate, long and (sometimes) nerve wracking web of passes that usually brings us to a cross from one of the wings.

Maybe B. Valero is the only one with some kind of creativity, otherwise it’s just a poor version of a Tiki-Taka. Today’s options play in different areas on the field, but their first instinct is to try to put the ball in the perfect attacking position, serve the killing assist, make a teammate score instead of anything else.

Option 1:
Sandro Tonali
Age: 18.
Value €7M
Club: Brescia
Agent: Roberto Lo Florio.

If you think that Pirlo’s comparison is getting old, think again. He looks like him, he’s playing in the same position (between defense and midfield), in the same club and he could even make the same transfer this coming summer.

In perfect Pirlo style, he’s not really talkative, but he recently said that he will not become ‘Just Another Player’. Now, remember, he is just 18. Like another youngster linked to Inter (Barella) he keeps his feet steady on the ground. These are the kind of players we need, young but already mentally mature.

Roma, Napoli, Chelsea, Man City and Juve are interested in him. We may need to start considering that Cellino’s request (Brescia’s President) may be too high as he refused €10M from Roma, asking at least 3 times more. Hopefully his friend Beppe can try to cut a deal like in 2007 with Hamsik (€5M at the time…). So far, 1 goal and 3 assists in 17 games.

Possible move in January: 10% Possible move in the summer: 60%

Option 2:
Paulo Dybala
Age: 25
Value €110M:
Club: Juventus
Agent: Relatives

I personally consider this just a boutade of some crazy journalist that doesn’t really know the Serie A reality. But then, after Ronaldo at Juve and Neymar-Mbappe at PSG, you never know. And Mbappe is apparently the reason behind this rumor.

Juve would like to set itself for the future, president Agnelli picked the french World Cup winner as a symbol of the new Juve era. So Paratici needs to find a way (=enough money) to make it possible.

At the same time, Dybala seems unhappy with the lack of playtime (even if he never said publicly so…) and Marotta is a big fan of him. All things considered, we should come up with a bigger offer than Man City, Man Utd, Bayern and PSG (swap with Mbappe?!). Plus, Spalletti should modify his team to make space for the newcomer.

Lautaro-Icardi-Dybala sounds good, but also incredibly out of balance for any team…