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Marotta protests a missing penalty and Rizzoli agrees


After the game against Parma, Marotta protested a missing penalty and a general abundance of mistakes made by the referees against Inter. Rizzoli, ex-referee, and manager of the Italian Association of Referees.

After the game against Parma Marotta vented to SkySports. “I would like to protest a clear foul on Perisic. VAR is supposed to intervene in case of clear mistakes by the referee. This does not justify the crucial mistakes the referee makes. It is understandable that referees make mistakes on occasions but VAR should intervene. These mistakes are now repetitive and should not be. There was also a missed penalty against Benevento.”

“Perisic? Objectively it was a penalty. – Rizzoli admits to SkySports – VAR’s duty is to correct occasions like these where the mistake is obvious and objective. Here there is a clear dynamic. Perisic in front, with the opposing player behind obstructing him with his arm above shoulder level. Two crucial mistakes were made; The referee did not see the foul in the first place, and VAR did not request an on-field review of the foul. We are trying to set up better communications with the clubs to help clear these issues up.”

Referees and VAR have committed several mistakes in Serie A this year, including a shocking amount of mistakes in Milan-Roma. Should the system change mid-season?