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Marotta: “Nainggolan and Icardi? A difficult choice.”

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During the press conference of Antonio Conte, the CEO of Inter, Giuseppe Marotta, also spoke about all of the choices of the new head manager and the Nerazzurri transfer market:

“The idea of bringing in Conte started with me, but was shared fully by the rest of the management and the President. We considered him the most suitable figure for this precise moment in time at Inter, someone with a winning profile and mentality.”

“We did not contact any other Coach and once the season came to an end, we started talks with Conte and quickly worked out an ambitious and innovative plan.”

Transfer Market?

“We are in a phase of work in progress, we are working to try to set up a competitive team, but we must build a strong team also taking into account the economic situation. We are trying to seize opportunities to meet the needs of Conte. We know it’s a difficult market, we have clear ideas but need patience.”

Icardi and Nainggolan?

“A difficult choice, but made all together for the good of Inter and in respect of the two professionals. We do not intend to impoverish this heritage, there are duties to which we will not fail.”

Icardi to Juventus?

“At this moment I exclude him, there are no minimum intentions, at the moment the Bianconeri do not even see the shadow. Should he stay at Inter? In case we’ll talk about it, but at the moment we have a more optimistic view. Exchange with Dybala? At the moment it is utopia. I know the qualities of Paulo, but from here to talk about exchange is difficult. However, the market is open.”


“Each company acts as a seller and can make the price it wants, but the buyer has the same right to determine the fairness and value of the player. These are things that are part of the negotiations and the transfer market, even in this case it takes patience.


“The player has expressed his will, he is an objective, but in any case respect for the club must not be lacking. We are in an interlocutory phase.”

Source: Alfredo Pedulla