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Marotta meets and reassures Spalletti

Image via Soccer.ru

Before the match against Bologna at the San Siro, Sky Sport interviewed Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta as part of their pre-game show. In that occasion he defended Luciano Spalletti, both in regards to his starting lineup choices for the day and his position within the club.

Marotta said: “The Conte rumours are only gossip. Spalletti has said wise thangs and we can’t criticise a manager that’s still in third place.”

Regarding Spalletti’s choices on the day, he added: “I’m happy with the decision to start Perisic and Nainggolan, I trust Spalletti’s choices.”

One would think that the performance and result that followed would change his outlook on the matter. Yet, according to Ansa, his post-match meeting with Spalletti was on cordial terms. The press agency reports that the manager met with Marotta and the rest of the board for around twenty minutes at the end of the match. The club “didn’t give Spalletti a ultimatum, and reiterated their trust in the manager.”