Home Exclusive Marotta “Icardi and Nainggolan will not remain at Inter.”

Marotta “Icardi and Nainggolan will not remain at Inter.”


In an interview with Sky Sports, Inter’s CEO Beppe Marotta released important statements regarding the future of Mauro Icardi and Radja Nainggolan:

“It’s our job to find the right profiles for this project. This is the road that we are going along. We have had frank conversations with the impacted parties, out of respect for their contractual and professional standing. We explained the position that the club has taken. I believe this is the most important element. Both of them are aware that this situation does not mean that their abilities have diminished. They are both great players and great talents. But while talent alone can win matches, it is the team that wins trophies. As a result they will not return to our club, I say that with transparency and the respect that they are owed.”

Regarding Antonio Conte, Marotta said:

“It’s one thing to confirm that Icardi is on the market, another thing to respect the contractual aspects, a collective agreement that states the player must take part in training. We absolutely do not want to fall short of our obligations. But there are also certain rights like that of the coach to decide to lineup on the pitch.”

Finally, on the case of the punishment last season of Icardi and Nainggolan, Marotta stated:

“It’s not a Marotta method, but it is the method that should be used in every community. It means having clear rules, of the rights and obligations. And obligations must always be respected.”