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Lukaku:”We Woke Up, We Won”

Lukaku's impact on Inter by the numbers.

Lukaku scored a brace for Inter today, chipped the post, and hit the crossbar. He played an essential role in the comeback.

“In the first hour, we played badly and we were in trouble. –Lukaku spoke to DAZN — We lacked the fight and the ability to apply pressure. As a team, we’re still working on these things to be a great side. Then, we woke up, we won and now we can enjoy these three points.”

“Am I a leader? No, I’m just a player who wants to help his teammates and his team. Here, there are many players who have been playing for this Club for a long time, I’m just one of the 25 guys that want to help the team to win something. I’m growing and trying to improve the things that I do less well at. I want to close the gap with the champions, since the champions are the ones who win the trophies. I work with a great coach and a great team.”

Lukaku and Lautaro celebrated with a particular gesture where it seemed they were shooting at each other. “That celebration was because Lautaro is learning how to play Call of Duty. Hakimi and I are teaching him a little bit and so we celebrated like that.”

It is good to see Big Rom in good shape. Hopefully, he will maintain the level over the next games.