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Lukaku – The self proclaimed ‘King of Milan’ is returning!

Title winning forward Romelu Lukaku

Inter have convinced Chelsea for the return of Lukaku to Inter. The official announcement should come in the next few days for the loan deal.

As confirmed by Fabrizio Romano with the famous “HERE WE GO!”.

Negotiations have continued since last week when we first reported. The only thing missing was the final figure to be agreed on, which has now been completed.

Chelsea say yes to Lukaku loan – Negotiations begin!

Inter have improved their initial offer from €5mil with bonuses, to now €8mil with bonuses. These bonuses can take the deal up to €12mil, but it all depends on team performances in both Serie A and Champions League.

Lukaku will take a pay cut to join the Nerazzurri, as there was no way that Inter could afford the salary being paid at Chelsea.

The one big positive is the chemistry with Lautaro which Lukaku brings. We’ve seen it in previous seasons, and we will see it again.

With the arrival of Lukaku, there isn’t much risk this time. Considering last time we paid €70mil which was a big gamble. However, this time there are no strings attached and we already made €115mil from his sale last season.

I can’t wait for what this year has in store for us!

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