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Lukaku ‘ The Belgian Bull’ – On his way?

Via: soccer.ru

“Stick with the devil you know, or gamble on a Belgian Bull?”

Since being stripped of the captaincy mid-season, tensions between our club, fans and players has been high. Speculation on futures rife with non-sense rumours and massive fees, but since the end of the season and with our UCL qualification confirmed, the options for us up top remain limited.

Some of us want to stick with Mauro, others want him replaced with Dzeko or Lukaku. Looking at both at players, the obvious choice would be the well-seasoned Serie A goal scorer that is Edin Dzeko. Let’s not forget that this is “Pazza Inter”, so for the purpose of this let’s remove Dzeko from the picture and look at the rumoured deal for Manchester United’s Belgian Bull Romelu Lukaku.

Let’s not dance around this, he is not as prolific a goal soccer as Icardi or Dzeko. Nor does he seem to be carrying any form from last season with 12 goals in 32 EPL appearances, saying that he’s as big as a bull and as strong as one. If you want to score goals in Serie A you need to be one of 2 things, a complete poacher (Icardi) or be strong enough to out muscle defenders like Koulibaly or Skriniar.

Another reason for fans to be positive about this move is our manager, Conte. Antonio is a known fan of Lukaku’s playing style and would fit into his coaching style. Does that make him the right man for Inter? That’s where the positives end in my opinion, the manager likes him, and he is physically strong and robust. Lukaku has the potential we want but maybe not the player Inter need.

The Transfer Fee!

A reported 2 year loan €5 million per year, (€10 million) and with a €60 million obligation to buy. €70,000,000.00 all in. In the transfer market of today that seems quite a lot for an attacker when you compare it to the €60 million Real Madrid paid for an inform Luka Jovic, who is 5 years younger than Lukaku. At this price leaving him to sit in Manchester till January looks very appealing. Inter are unlikely to recoup €70 million from the sale of Icardi, which of course depends on Marotta et al. finding a club willing to purchase him. The fee alone is enough for this man to “stick with the devil you know”.

Sticking with Icardi doesn’t mean we are allowing him to continue with his antics from last season, Conte won’t entertain that behaviour. Sticking with Icardi means the players behind him can still learn, get more minutes with the first team. Lautaro is showing great potential, is looking like he won’t be Gabigol 2.0.Inter could possibly be already set without purchasing any one. Andrea Pinamonti showing he is capable of mixing it with the big boys last season while on loan with Frosinone scoring 5 goals with 3 assists in 27 appearances, Pinamonti who also captained the U20 Italian side this summer scoring 4 goals in 6 matches in the World Cup. Our Youth team as ever is giving us more options Colido, Esposito and Salcedo all young options to help Conte.

Let’s not gamble €70 million on a Belgian bull that misses more than he scores and blocks more shots than Ranocchia, but as I said earlier this is “Pazza Inter” so don’t be surprised if I end up eating these words after Lukaku signs.