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Lukaku: ‘Stronger at Inter than Man Utd’


Inter striker Romelu Lukaku spoke about his move to the Nerazzurri and his past at Manchester United.

After spending two seasons under Mourinho at United, Rom has seen his best form return in Milan:

“The period there made me calmer. I don’t look at it in a negative way, it really helped me mentally to be ready and to grow as a player and as a person. I will never see it as a bad experience, because it helped me to be where I am today. ”

With double-digit goals and a formidable partnership with Martinez, Romelu is confident and feeling good about the future.

He commented on his past at United and how it has built his character:

“Clearly now that I am at Inter there are benefits for what I learned in Manchester both from a sporting and non-sporting point of view. I prepared a lot and I am much calmer. In my head, there is much more serenity and composure”.

“I am a person who when things are not going well I show him through so much anger. I’m stronger after the Manchester United experience”.

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